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Can-Am X3 KOH Exhaust System

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Can-Am X3 Oil Catch Can / Breather System

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Can-Am X3 High Performance Intercooler Kit

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Turn key Motec Power

The Treal Racing Performance x Whalen's Speed Research and Development Green Turbo package paired with a MOTEC ECU will unlock the power you've been desiring. With an expected range of 221-272HP, this is the kit that will leave your buddies in the dust!

from dunes to the desert

The KWI AO RR Base Clutch Kit increases Boost/ HP while maintaining the stock turbo. Designed specifically for the 2020/2021 Turbo RR X3 195HP models, this kit will ensure you are getting all the power to the wheels and gives you a larger tuning window with more performance than any other kit on the market!