2019-2024 Can-Am Ryker Street Exhaust System

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  • 7.3 Wheel Horsepower Gain, Dyno Proven Performance
  • Light Weight Design, 11 lbs. lighter than Stock Exhaust System
  • High Quality, Food Grade Stainless Steel, 100% TIG Welded
  • Deep Sporty Tone, Large Straight Through Muffler
  • Quietest aftermarket exhaust system on the market, Not Too Loud
  • Option for Treal Performance Stainless Steel Slip in Silencer Tip, Won’t Melt Like Others Out There, For Quieter Tone
  • Option for Extra O2 Sensor Port With Plug For The Ability To Run After Market Wideband Gauge
  • Direct Bolt In, Uses Factory Mounting Points & Connections
  • Fits All 2019-2024 Ryker Models - 600 / 900 / 900 Rally
  • Fits 2022-2024 Ryker Sport Models
  • Built in House In USA!


    Here at Treal Performance we have put in a lot of time doing research and development to build and offer high performance products at have proven good performance gains. We are excited to release Our Treal Performance Exhaust System for the 2019-2023 Can-Am Ryker 600, 900, Rally 900 & Sport. Our focus and goal with building this exhaust system was to make the most amount of horsepower, look killer, sound great and not be too loud. With this exhaust we feel we have accomplished all those goals.

    With doing back to back dyno testing with our Treal Performance exhaust vs the stock exhaust, it had a horsepower gain of up to 7.3-wheel horsepower. No other company has put in this kind of research and Development and testing into their exhaust systems for the Can-Am Ryker for proven results as we have.

    This Treal Performance Exhaust System has a complete stainless steel construction that is 100% TIG welded to together, with micro brushed and polished finishes, beautiful colored welds, and a 3 Inch slash cut tip had a killer sleek and aggressive sporty look to it.

    Our Treal Performance Exhaust System we have selected a large muffler with a perfect fit to the Ryker. It gives the Ryker a perfect deep sporty tone that really matches the look of the Ryker, making it a perfect combination. This Treal Performance Exhaust has a straight through free-flowing designed muffler offering the most HP gains and yet still not be really loud. We also have a Treal Performance Slip-In Silencer Tip that is an option to add to the exhaust for those looking to have the ability to quiet down the exhaust if you please. Our Treal Performance Slip-In Silencer Tip is built in house out of high quality stainless steel and TIG Welded together. This silencer tip won’t melt and fail like others out there that are made of aluminum, leaving you let down and disappointed.

    Make sure to go to YouTube and check out some sound clips and dyno testing video of our Treal Performance Ryker Exhaust and Intake Systems

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Randy Tower
    Ryker 900 street exhaust

    Great quality and fitment but Very loud in my opinion. Wish there was a quieter one that didn't require adding a baffle in the tip that hurts performance and looks.

    Hi there, thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our Can-Am Ryker Street Exhaust System. We're happy to hear that you found the product to be of great quality and fitment. We understand that the exhaust may be a bit too loud for your preference, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Many people have claimed not to have any performance loss with using the silencer baffle. We appreciate your feedback and will definitely take it into consideration for future product development. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you for choosing our product. Ride on!

    Brian Moore
    Ryker Must Have!

    Bought the Treal exhaust after listening to several brands on YouTube. I found this to be the best sounding. Shipping was fast! When I unpacked the exhaust I was impressed with the quality. Better than I expected. I immediately installed it on my new Ryker. Installation was a breeze, the exhaust fit perfectly. When I fired my Ryker up I could do nothing but smile with the tone. I purchased the baffle only because I work odd hours and was wanting to be considerate to my neighbors. At the same time I wanted to be sure car drivers could hear me, especially for the brief time I may be in their blind spots. This exhaust is a perfect balance. As far as the performance gain, I can't comment on that due to being in my break in period and I haven't loaded a tune into my Dynojet yet. There's no doubt in my mind that I'll be happy with the horsepower gain. I'm very happy with my purchase and I recommend it.

    Steve Martin
    Very Nice exhaust

    great sound with silencer tip

    Luke Kvapil
    Sounds sick!

    Super easy on the install. Deep throaty rumble at start up and low throttle. Picks up the pitch when you hammer on throttle, release of the throttle it’ll give you some deep gargled burps. I didn’t get the silencer as I’m not sure it’s needed, borderline if the neighbors will complain which is perfect. Stainless steel look is fire compared to the stock. Added hp and less weight even bigger bonus. Buy it.