2019-2024 Can-Am Ryker 900 Air Oil Separator Catch Can

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We are excited to be releasing this Air Oil Separator Catch Can System for the Can-Am Ryker 900 / 900 Rally / 900 ACE

The engine In the Ryker has a good amount of blow by on them which in turn make it where vapors and fluids will come out of the engine breather and then go into your intake system, junking up the intake, intake manifold, and valves. We often see where oil will build up in the intake system and then run down and into the air filter. We have seen this on the stock air intake system a long with the intake system we build and sell. This Air Oil Separator Catch Can system will help prevent those things from happening and keep your intake system and engine much cleaner and happier. 

Another benefit to keeping the all the nasty fluids and gunk out of the Intake system in is the potential for increased power by keeping the air clean and fresh and less chance of detention that's harmful on you engine and robs power. We have seen up to a 3-4 hp gain on these engines after installing the Air Oil Separator Catch Can System. 

This AOS Catch Can Comes with all the components you would need to install this system.
  • AOS Catch Can
  • The hoses and fittings
  • and Drain Valve

With the Ryker there isn't a ton of room to work with but we have been able to carefully select a location that is out way and doesn't interfere with anything tucked neatly behind the exhaust header.