2020-2022 Can-Am X3 Turbo Blow Off Valve Kit: TurboSmart

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2020-2022 Can-Am X3 Turbo Blow Off Valve Kit: TurboSmart

X3 2020 -2022 X3 Turbo R and Turbo RR Models (Including MAX, XRC, XMR)

2017 All X3 Models (Includes MAX)


  • Complete blow off valve kit

  • Turbosmart Kompact Blow Off Valve

  • Increased throttle response

  • Easy 30 minute install

Our Treal Performance complete blow off valve kit with TurboSmart brand valve has that great off throttle "pshhhtt" sound and the benefit of improved throttle response.  All you have to do is swap your primary charge tube for the new silicon unit, plug in the new boost/vacuum nipple, and attach your new blow off valve. 

This kit locates your new valve behind the drivers compartment access panel so it's easy to access and right behind you for the best sound. The valve is fairly shielded from mud and debris but we include a BOV Filter and the option for a water resistant outwear pre-filter. The BOV can also can have a hose attached to it so the boost pressure can be vented anywhere you'd like up up high as a snorkel


This Kit Includes

  • TurboSmart Kompact Blow Off Valve
  • 2020-2022 X3 Silicon BOV Primary Charge Tube
  • Manifold Port for Vacuum/Boost Reference
  • Boost/Vacuum Hose
  • Optional hose attachment
  • Install Instructions