WSRD V5 Billet Block Short Block Assembly Engine Packages | Can-Am X3 & Ski-Doo (Rated for 650+HP)

WSRD V5 Billet Block Short Block Assembly Engine Packages | Can-Am X3 & Ski-Doo (Rated for 650+HP)

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WSRD V5 Billet Block - MID Sleeved Short Block Package (Rated for 650+HP)
What's Included?

  • WSI Billet Engine Block & Girdle (Available with Wet and Dry Deck)
  • WSI MID Sleeve
  • WSRD Ultimate - Big Pin Piston Set
  • WSRD Ultimate - Big Pin Connecting Rod Set
  • WSRD Crankshaft Balance Service
  • WSRD Ultimate 7/16 Head Stud Set
  • WSRD Ultimate Copper Head Gasket & O-Ring Service
  • WSRD Terminator Main Stud Set
  • WSI Billet PTO Cover (Includes NEW BRP PTO Bearing, Seal & Gasket)
  • New OEM BRP Connecting Rod Bearings
  • New OEM BRP Main Bearings
  • New OEM BRP Thrust Washers
  • New OEM BRP Timing Chain
  • New OEM BRP Lower Timing Chain Guide
  • New OEM BRP Oil Sump Rotor Assemblies
  • WSI Engine Block Main Bore Service
  • WSI Engine Block Bore & Hone Service
  • WSRD Vapor Hone Cleaning Service
  • WSI Block Decking Service
  • WSRD Short Block Assembly Service
Service Bundle 1 - What's Included? (Adds $169)
  • (2) Water Pump Drive Gears
  • (4) Oil Pump Drive Gears
  • Flywheel to Crankshaft Bolt
  • Flywheel to Crankshaft Washer
  • Ignition/Stator Cover Gasket
  • Oil Sump/Pan to Case Gasket
  • Oil Sump/Dipstick Side Cover Gasket

Service Bundle 2 - What's Included? (Adds $409)

  • Includes all listed Bundle 1 products above
  • Oil Cooler
  • Oil Cooler Gasket
  • Water Pump Housing Gasket
  • Water Pump Impeller
  • Small Water Pump Seal
  • Large Water Pump Seal
Engine Core(s); (What is Required?)
  • WSRD V5 Billet Block Short Block Package; Please include oil sump rotor assembly parts and crankshaft core. (Additional items may be included for inspection/assembly purposes. If these additional items are not used, WSRD will return these with the purchased short block package.)

All WSRD Short Block Packages REQUIRE the above listed engine cores to be received from the end user shipped to the WSRD facility address also listed above. Once the client cores arrive at WSRD's facility they will go through a teardown and inspection process. Once this is completed the client will be communicated with on any additional services, or hard parts that may be required at an additional cost. Once these things have been communicated with the end user, and the final invoice or final invoice changes have been approved, WSRD will continue with the assembly process and published lead-time(s). If you have any questions on this process please call WSRD directly; 269.415.0040 - extension 1 for the Sales Department.

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