WSRD Polaris RZR Big Injector Packages

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We are happy to announce the release of our Big Injector Package for all Polaris RZR Turbo models! The clientele that have field tested have absolutely enjoyed our latest E85 offering while this makes for an easy stepping stone to a big turbo package!

What's Included?

  • WSRD Big Injector Calibrations
  • DynoJet Power Vision PV3
  • DynoJet Wideband Kit
    • For Black O2 Lead Machines ONLY
  • WSRD ID Injector Set
    • WSRD Plug & Play Harnesses Included
  • WSRD AEM E85 Fuel Pump


  • WSXXX Tune | 91 Octane Tune:
  • WSXXX Tune | 93 Octane Tune:
  • WSXXX Tune | 98+ Octane Tune:
  • WSXXX Tune | E85: