DynoJet Power Vision PV3 | Polaris RZR & RS1

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  • Live viewing of data(boost, fuel trims, coolant temp, ect)
  • Live viewing of diagnostics and ability to view and erase potential codes
  • Ability to datalog data for viewing or sending to the tuner to view and potentially help diagnose a problem or make changes to suit your driving style/environment
  • 9 minute tune flash time with the ability to store 3 tunes plus the stock tune

When you purchase the PV3 Power Vision from WSRD we will supply you with the information you will need to easily flash your purchased map designed for your machine.

The value of these kits is unmatched. No need to remove your ECU to send it in to be flashed. Order our kit.. install the parts.. flash the machine.. have loads of fun!

The NEW Full Color Dynojet PV3 Power Vision handheld tuning devise allows the user to flash their Can-Am & Ski-Doo without the need for sending the ecu out to be bench flashed, or the need for an expensive alternative. The Power Vision stores the stock map so you can return the car to stock if needed, as well as storing up to 3 alternative tunes. Flash time is roughly 9 minutes.