WSRD 2020 Can-Am X3 Turbo RR Green Turbocharger Complete Package (Rated to 300HP)

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The little turbo that could! The WSRD Green Turbocharger is the most fun and versatile turbocharger you will find on the market for trail riding, duning, and desert riding and racing! 
 WSRD Tune Fuel Octane Boost - PSI Crack Pressure
WS220RR-G.91 91 Octane 21
WS220RR-G.93 93 Octane 22.5
WS240RR-G 98+ Octane 28-29 14
WS260RR-G E85 28-29 14
WS260RR-G* E85 28-29 14
 WSRD Tune Fuel Octane Hub HP Crank HP
WS220RR-G.91 91 Octane 218 242
WS220RR-G.93 93 Octane 223 248
WS240RR-G 98+ Octane 248 275
WS260RR-G E85 262 291
WS260RR-G* E85 272 305

    Please note: All E85 fuel options require a minimum rating of E70. Please use the supplied ethanol tester before use. The WS260RR-G* power production number includes the addition of the WSRD Billet X Intake Manifold.

    WSRD Green Turbocharger Packages

    What's Included? (Package Essentials)

    • WSRD "Terminator" Intercooler
    • Forced Performance Green Turbocharger 
      • Includes WSRD Install Kit - Oil Feed Crush Washers, Oil Drain Gasket & Coolant Line O-Rings
    • DynoJet Power Vision (PV3)
      • WSRD PV3 Mount Included
    • WSRD Green Turbocharger Calibration(s)
      • Alternate fuel options are included with the E85 & Race Gas Packages
    • DynoJet Can-Am Wideband Kit (Logging Capability)
    • WSRD Injector Set + PNP Adapters
      • WSRD E85 Fuel Pump and Rewire Harness
      • WSRD Catch Can Kit
      • WSRD Ethanol Tester

      Clutching Options:

      • KWI Clutching AO Green Clutch Kit + DR Helix:
        • Designed for 91/93 Octane, WS220RR-G Package
      • KWI Clutching AO Green Clutch Kit + #4 Helix:
        • Designed for Race Gas & E85, WS240RR-G/WS260RR-G Packages
      • WSRD Spec STM Powersports Rage 4WCP

      BOV Options:

      • TiAL/Turbosmart 50mm BOV
        • Included with WSRD Billet X Intake Manifold
      • Treal Performance Charge Tubes + BOV

        Spark Plug Options:

        • OEM NGK Spark Plug
          • OEM Part Number: 415130363
          • NGK Part Number: LMAR9AI-8
          • Auto Parts Store Number: 97225
        • WSRD Spark Plugs

        Drive Belt Options:

        • WSRD World's Best Drive Belt
          • Used frequently with 91/93 octane
        • WSRD Ultimate Drive Belt
          • Used frequently with Race Gas & E85

        Package Upgrades:

        • WSRD Billet X Intake Manifold