STM Tuner Secondary - Can-Am Defender

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*Please contact us or make a note in notes section of your cart the application you will be using this in so we can communicate with STM on what you will be needing.*

*Let us know in the notes what spring you are wanting and want angle you would need. See Below.*

  • Choose A Spring:
    • None
    • KSS8 Lime Green Spring 198/322
    • KSS12 Blue Spring 233/337
    • 210270-003 Orange/Purple Secondary Spring 199/370
  • Choose A Helix: 
    • None
    • 33 Degree
    • 35 Degree
    • 35/40°P Gen 1 ATV Tuner Helix
    • 35/45 Degree
    • 35/45ºP Gen1 ATV Helix
    • 35/55ºP Gen1 ATV Helix
    • 37/42ºP Gen1 ATV Helix
    • 37/53 Degree
    • 40 Degree
    • 40/32ºP Gen1 ATV Helix
    • 40/36° ATV GEN 1 Tuner Helix
    • 40/45º Gen1 ATV Helix
    • 40/48º Gen1 ATV Helix
    • 40/50ºP Gen1 ATV Helix
    • 40/55ºP Gen1 ATV Helix
    • 40/58 Degree
    • 42 Degree
    • 42/36º Gen1 ATV Helix
    • 42/48ºP Gen1 ATV Helix
    • 43º ATV Gen 1 Tuner Helix
    • 44/32ºP Gen1 ATV Helix
    • 44/36ºP Gen1 ATV Helix
    • 45 Degree
    • 45/35 Degree
    • 45/40 Degree ATV Tuner Helix
    • 45/42º Gen1 ATV Helix
    • 47º Degree ATV Tuner Helix Gen1
    • 48/36 Degree ATV Tuner Helix
    • 50 Degree
    • 50/40 Degree
    • 50/45 Degree ATV Tuner Helix
    • 55/45 Degree
    • 58/48 Degree
    • 60/50 Degree

This is an all billet construction and capable of using compression springs with different spring rate options available. We have many helix angles see menu for available options. We can also provide custom helix angles if you desire for an additional fee. 

Can be used along with the stock primary or the STM primary. Best results are acquired when running both the STM primary and STM tuner together.

Will NOT work with aftermarket seal savers!

Choose a helix angle - The most popular helix is the 40/50ºP. It is a good all-around helix. We found that is worked the best for the average to aggressive trail rider.

Choose a spring– The most popular spring is the KSS12 Blue. This spring works well for most average to aggressive trail/dune riders. 

KEEP IN MIND WE CAN ONLY GET YOU CLOSE WITH SET UP. Everyone's riding style is different so it’s up to the customer to do the fine tuning!



Build time on STM Clutches that are out of stock is roughly 2-3 weeks.