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The KWI Fast Float is a rapid exchange program designed for efficient upgrading of clutch systems. It's specifically tailored for clients who need a quick turnaround, with a processing time of just 2 business days. This program utilizes parts from the client's existing clutches to build a modified set, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

To qualify for the Fast Float, customers must ensure that their clutches meet certain criteria. The essential qualifications include:

  1. No Broken Parts: The clutches should be fully functional and free from any broken components.
  2. No Water Stains: Clutches must not have any signs of water damage.
  3. No Dents or Dings: The surface and structure of the clutches should be intact without any physical deformities.
  4. No Belt Stains: Clutches should be free from any residue or staining from belt wear.
  5. Cleanliness: Clutches should not be coated in dirt, sand, or other contaminants.

If the clutches do not meet these standards, KWI offers alternatives such as converting the order to a regular Float Mod with an 8-10 business day turnaround or applying a cleaning charge for in-house cleaning. This ensures that every client receives a high-quality, efficient service tailored to their specific needs.


KWI Float Mod - Precision Clutch Optimization for Peak Performance

Elevate your ride with the KWI Float Mod, a comprehensive clutch upgrade designed for Can-Am vehicles. This mod addresses common clutch issues, delivering enhanced performance, smoother operation, and increased durability.

Key Features and Benefits:

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Improved Wheel Horsepower and Acceleration

The Float Mod significantly increases wheel horsepower, translating into quicker acceleration and a more responsive ride.

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Reduced Belt Temperatures

KWI professionally resurfaces and recuts your sheave angles for more efficient shifting, leading to lower belt temperatures and extended belt life.

Correction of Warped Clutch Sheaves and Belt Misalignment

The Float Mod rectifies factory warping issues and belt misalignment in X3 clutches, improving vehicle performance and reducing vibrations.


  • CNC machining of all primary and secondary clutch sheaves.
  • Upgraded secondary rollers.
  • Full disassembly, servicing, reassembly, and setup of both clutches tailored to your horsepower, terrain, and altitude.

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Unlock the full potential of your Can-Am Maverick X3 with the KWI AO Base Clutch Kit. This world-record-holding kit is the result of over four years of extensive testing, racing, and design refinement. It's your all-in-one solution for every conceivable HP level, turbo, terrain, altitude, and tire size.

Key Benefits:

  • Universal Performance Tuning: Designed to adapt from 120HP to 400+HP, suitable from sea level to 15,000 feet, and effective in various terrains - dunes, streets, and more.

  • Maximized Wheel Horsepower: Proven to deliver the most wheel horsepower, enhancing all-around performance, acceleration, back shifting, and optimal RPM.

  • Customizable for Any Condition: Whether you're riding on the street, desert, backwoods, dunes, or mud, this kit ensures peak performance with no compromises.

  • Record-Breaking Efficiency: Holds the 2019 stock turbo 0-60 record at 2.97 seconds in a Can-Am X3, showcasing its unparalleled efficiency.

  • Comprehensive Kit: Includes specially designed AO weights, one primary spring, and magnets, giving you a larger tuning window and more performance than any other kit on the market.

KWI Groovix

Transform your Can-Am's performance with the KWI Groovix, an innovative billet 7075 aluminum cooling helix. Available in three versions, each utilizing KWI's patent-pending helix cooling technology, this product is a significant leap in helix design.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Cooling: The Groovix features a unique rib and fan design, significantly lowering belt temperatures and extending belt life. Its fan draws air into the clutch, cooling both the belt and sheaves.

  • Optimized for Power and Performance: Choose from the DR3 cut for up to 260 wheel HP, providing quick turbo spool-up and aggressive acceleration, or the #4 cut, ideal for harnessing big turbo power and maintaining RPMs in the power band.

  • Durable Construction: Made from aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum billet, the Groovix is built for strength and durability, able to withstand demanding performance requirements.

  • Compatibility: The Groovix is compatible with all Can-Am QRSX secondaries, including all years and models of the X3, 2021+ Defender HD10, 2021+ Maverick Sport 1000, and 2021+ Commander 1000.

  • Efficient Heat Dispersion: The rib design increases the surface area for airflow, effectively removing clutch heat and improving overall performance.


Elevate your Can-Am's performance with the DSS (Dual Spring Secondary) from KWI Clutching. This innovative clutch system upgrade is expertly designed to boost performance and durability in demanding driving conditions.

Key Benefits:

  • Optimized Belt Grip & HP Efficiency: The Dual Spring Secondary locks the belt to the secondary sheave, eliminating belt slip and optimizing horsepower efficiency across a wide range of levels, proven from 200HP to 600+HP.

  • Enhanced Durability: Rigorously tested, the DSS withstands extreme conditions, reducing roller breakage seen in standard clutches, thus prolonging the life of your clutch and belt.

  • Custom Fit and Professional Installation: KWI Clutching professionally machines and installs the DSS on your secondary clutch, ensuring a seamless integration and peak performance.

  • Versatility Across Conditions: Whether at sea level or at 15000 feet, from dunes to street, the DSS is designed to perform without compromise, suitable for both stock and high-performance models.

  • No Additional Maintenance: The DSS requires no special maintenance beyond standard clutch and belt care, making it a hassle-free upgrade for your vehicle.