Honda Talon Throttle Body Plate

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2019-2021 ALL TALON MODELS: 1000X 1000R 2-SEAT OR 4-SEAT

  • Billet Throttle Body Plate
    • Replaces the Stock Plastic adapter
    • Increase to the full throttle body diameter
    • 13.5% surface area increase
  • Uses the stock airbox and stock air filter systems
  • Easy bolt-on install no permanent modifications
  • Dyno tested for consistent increase in HP and TQ

The stock plastic throttle body plate is 46mm and smaller in diameter than the stock throttle body inlets effectively acting as a restrictor plate. Our Billet throttle body plate increases that to 49mm and is the same size as the throttle body inlets. To install removed the airbox, unbolt the plastic plate and install the new billet plate in its place using the factory hardware.

If you have a snorkel kit which replaces the stock intake tube you can use this throttle plate and replace the stock smaller plastic plate. If you are not running an aftermarket snorkel you should select our kit with the aluminum intake tube.

Why not a full airbox or intake system? The stock airbox itself if not at all restrictive with a clean air filter. We have tested several configurations of straight to air filter intake stacks, that reduces power. Running with the airbox lid off or vented is no increase in power and the same performance as the sealed stock airbox. Our intake modification is not a huge increase in power, but its power that you are not going to get anywhere else. If you want the best performance from your naturally aspirated Talon you want this intake kit.