DynoJet Belt Temperature Sensor Kit - Can-Am Defender

DynoJet Belt Temperature Sensor Kit - Can-Am Defender

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• Sleek design is unintrusive and easy to install

• Help monitor belt temperatures as excessive heat is generated to avoid premature belt degradation

• Durable Aluminum housing

• Plug and Play connections with high quality connectors and no wire tapping

Dynojet has engineered a plug and play solution to integrate belt temperature directly onto your Power Vision 3 device as a selectable gauge channel. No more messing with extra gauges and finding gauge space or tapping wires for power – simply connect the supplied cables and choose the temperature channel on the configurable gauges of your Power Vision 3 device. The temperature reading can also be logged for review later after a day’s ride. *Only interfaces with the Power Vision 3 to add the temperature channel onto the display.