2019 - 2023 Can-Am Ryker 900 Performance Clutch Kit

2019 - 2023 Can-Am Ryker 900 Performance Clutch Kit

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2019-2023 Can-Am Ryker 900 Performance Clutch Kit

Fits: All 2019-2023 Ryker 900 and Rally 900 models

Treal Performance 2019-2021 Can-Am Ryker Performance clutch kits will dramatically improve all-around performance, acceleration, back shifting, and get your rpm's in the peak power quicker whether you're riding the street or racing Our clutch kit give you the ability to perfectly tune your Ryker's clutching to where you want it to be. with every conceivable HP level, turbo, terrain, altitude, and tire size. We give you a very larger tuning window and more performance from stock power level to running on methanol like Our Treal Performance Ryker or mild turbo kit setups, from sea level to 15000 feet, from the street to the Track.... this kit will work for you!

These clutch kits have been proven to put down the most wheel HP period! We continually test different setups to ensure we're are bring you the best!

We Currently have 3 level of clutch kits to offer for the Ryker. From a Mild Street setup to a Race setup that will get you to peak power as soon as you open it up to full throttle!!


Mild Street - Mild street will increase RPM putting more power down to the ground quicker but still keeping the RPM's tame and linear. In our testing we were able to improve our 0-60mph times by 4 tenths of a second 

Wild Street - Wild Street will increase RPM even more than Mild Street. Getting to peak power much faster with hard acceleration. Wild Street when going full throttle at 40mph will jump straight to about 6750rpm and then climb in rpm until it reaches peak rpm with is tunable with the clutch kit. Recommended peak rpm is 8200rpm

Race - The Race clutching it the absolute go to for the person trying to get the most power to the ground as quick as possible! With insane throttle response! As soon as you give it full throttle it goes straight to peak RPM no matter what RPM you are at! and it will will hold that rpm until you let out! YOU BETTER HOLD ON! This is the Clutch Kit we were using in our Treal Performance Ryker when we cracked in the 11's at 100mph in the 1/4 mile the the drag strip. Traction can be a issue with this clutch kit as it can give you all the power when you demand it! It lets you do the ultimate burnouts with ease! haha


Professional Installation is highly recommend/ required to install. We do offer the service of installing the clutch kit in the clutches if you pull the clutching off and ship it to us. You will need to call and or email us to schedule the installation of the clutch kit. email is Sales@trealperformance.com


**Note: with increased RPM can decrease fuel economy and increase wear and tear. This is a performance enhancement kit and may not be suited for everyone