2018-2024 Polaris Ranger XP1000 Lighted 3-Speaker Audio System w/JVC

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Full Plug-&-Play Kit for Factory Polaris® Ranger XP1000

LIT Works by SSV Works is an exceptional audio system designed to enhance your off-road adventures. With its top-notch sound quality and rugged construction, it delivers an unparalleled audio experience that withstands the harsh elements of off-road trails. The system features RGB lighted speakers that add a captivating visual element to your outdoor journeys. These vibrant lights create a mesmerizing atmosphere, immersing you in a unique audio-visual experience. Built to endure the rigors of off-road terrain, LIT Works ensures reliable performance, allowing you to enjoy great sound quality no matter the conditions. Elevate your off-road escapades with the powerful and durable LIT Works audio system by SSV Works.

Plug-&-Play: Made to install as easy as possible, you spend less time wrenching and more time riding! 

Factory Fit and Finish: Each kit looks just the way it should, like it came straight from the factory. Purpose built, our enclosures match the factory styling and fits with seamless precision.

Trail Ready: Built for the off-road environment, SSV Works’ audio components will withstand all the harsh riding conditions. From sand, dust, water or snow, you can ride your favorite trails without sacrificing premium audio from SSV Works.

Phase EQ: Experience audio excellence with our Phase EQ amp, featuring tailored DSP tuning for your vehicle and audio kit. This advanced technology optimizes frequencies, delivering superior audio performance. Comparable to luxury on-road vehicles, Phase EQ maximizes power output, outperforming larger amplifiers. Trust Phase EQ for unparalleled sound quality.

Rock ‘N Ride: Our patented new switch comes with every Phase EQ amplifier. It fits in your standard rocker-switch location and allows you to switch between multiple audio profiles.

Ready to hit the trail? select RIDE and the amp will process the audio to compensate for wind and engine noise, as well as boost the frequencies would lose from wearing your helmet, achieving the most energized listening experience in the cab, while riding.

Back at camp? Hit ROCK to switch to a profile tuned to sound more optimal outside of the vehicle. This provides the fullest sonic and most optimal sound while you’re cracking a cold one by the fire.  


  • JVC MR1 Bluetooth Media Unit w/Vehicle Specific Dash Kit w/Backup Camera
  • RGB Light Controller
  • 6.5” Front Door Speaker-Pods w/120w SSV Works Lighted Speakers
  • 10" 1000w Subwoofer-Enclosure with SSV Works Subwoofer
  • Phase EQ Amplifier with Pre-Mounted Direct-Fit Amp Mounting Plate
  • Plug-&-Play Wiring Kit

Patent: #10117008

Regarding amp plate installation on Northstar vehicles, contact SSV Works.

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