WSRD XR42 Turbocharger | Can-Am X3

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What's included? 

  • WSRD/FP XR42 Turbocharger
  • TiAL MVI 2.5 Wastegate
  • WSRD XR42 Install Kit
    • WSRD Oil Feed Line Kit
    • WSRD Oil Drain Gasket
    • WSRD Upper Charge Tube Kit 
    • WSRD Exhaust Manifold Stud Kit
    • OEM Coolant Line O-Rings
    • OEM Exhaust Manifold Gasket

Turbocharger Specs:

  • Rated for 420HP - 42LB/Min Flow Rate
  • Compressor Wheel
    • 49.5mm Inducer
    • 68mm Exducer
  • Exhaust Wheel - 48mm
  • Billet Ball Bearing Center Section
    • Machined for factory oil feed line fitting, oil drain fitting and modified coolant line
  • 2.375" Intake Inlet
  • 2" Compressor Outlet

Xona Rotor XR42 is featured in all of the WSRD XR42 Turbocharger Packages for the 2020 Turbo RR 195HP models, 2017-2021 Turbo R 172HP Models, and the 2018-2021 Turbo 120HP Models.

The heart of the turbo is the XR4948 Xona Rotor turbo that has been customized to adapt to an all new turbofold that increases exhaust flow over the OEM unit and allows us to bolt such a large turbo so easily to the engine. The turbo in its natural state is rated at 49lb/min(meaning ~510hp rated). We have pushed this turbo to 50psi boost making over 400HP at the hubs on the WSRD Project 120X3 Machine. At lower power levels WSRD sees roughly 11-12% loss in CVT but at higher power levels, belt slip is just something that comes with the territory. Fuel calculations put us around 475hp at the crankshaft. 

The turbo utilizes the factory oil drain flange, factory coolant lines (must cut bracket in half), and the factory oil feed line. The XR42 comes with a TiAL wastegate preinstalled. We also have an install kit that allows us to adapt to the factory or aftermarket intercoolers with a quality couplers/clamps and aluminum bend. The XR42 now also features the surge port X2C compressor cover.