WSRD 2018-2022 Can-Am X3 120HP WS160 Package (169-177HP)

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The WS150 has now been updated! With the addition of our 2022 120HP model, we have started over, much like the early videos of the Project 120X3 YouTube Series. We will be going through and updating all of our power numbers utilizing our Mainline Hub Dyno! 

 WSRD Tune Fuel Octane Boost - PSI Crack Pressure
WS160 91 Octane
14 6
WS160 93 Octane 15 6
 WSRD Tune Fuel Octane Hub HP Crank HP
Stock 91 Octane - 120
WS160.91 91 Octane 152 169
WS160.93 93 Octane 159 177

    What's Included? (Package Essentials)
    • DynoJet Power Vision (PV3)
    • WSRD WS160 91/93 Octane Tunes
      • preloaded for simple install

      Clutching Options:

      Spark Plug Options:

      • OEM NGK Spark Plug
        • OEM Part Number: 415130363
        • NGK Part Number: LMAR9AI-8
        • Auto Parts Store Number: 97225

      Drive Belt Options:

      Package Upgrades:

      This kit has been designed to work on a non-intercooled 2018-2022 Turbo Can-Am X3 ( base model, XRC, XMR non turbo R). The tune was optimized for premium fuels by upping the boost pressure from the stock 8-9 PSI to 14.5 PSI as well as modifying many tables to make sure the engine stays safe from detonation as the intake temps rise without the intercooler. This tune was built on our 2019 XRC non-intercooled machine using 91 rec fuel and most recently revamped on our 2022 120 model. To get the most out of your machine, the clutching is highly recommended. We documented the testing and tuning of the machine in our YouTube series - Project 120X3. The stock machine was baselined with four pulls as seen in the photo and then we performed three back to back to back pulls to verify consistency and those are also included in the picture. 
      The tune offers switchable boost using the eco and sport buttons (Eco mode will have the same throttle feel as sport mode. Upon request we can make this a different throttle feel to have more control in eco mode.), start in any gear, torque limiters and speed limiters are removed or raised to keep the power there when you are asking for it. We lower the radiator fan temp from the factory 205 to 180*. 
      The new Power Vision PV3 from DynoJet allows you to flash and monitor your own machine as well as your friends. You can purchase credits that allow you to flash your buddies machine. The PV3 will also allow you to monitor important engine data as well as datalog this information to review. This data can also be emailed to us for clutching recommendations or to make changes to your specific setup. The PV3 also allows the use of adding a wideband 02 sensor to the car and datalog it through the PV3.