Wishbone - Silver by Ultra Light
Wishbone - Silver by Ultra Light
Wishbone - Silver by Ultra Light
Packard Performance

Wishbone - Silver by Ultra Light

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Packard Performance introduces Ultra Light Wheels: If you want both performance and incredible looks in a SXS (side by side) wheel look no further.

This twenty-four spoke design was inspired by the need for an extremely strong lightweight wheel for pushing big power. 

These two-piece wheels are made of strong lightweight 6061 billet centers that bolt to the wheel drum using stainless hardware.


  • Retighten all wheel center bolts periodically to ensure proper torque (17-foot lbs.)
  • Red grade Loctite on wheels center bolts is required
  • Retighten all wheel lug nuts periodically to ensure proper tightness
  • Wheel weight may vary slightly due to different bolt patterns
  • Warranty is void if wheel centers are removed from wheel drum