2018-2019 Can-Am X3 120hp Models Performance Upgrade Package
2018-2019 Can-Am X3 120hp Models Performance Upgrade Package
2018-2019 Can-Am X3 120hp Models Performance Upgrade Package
2018-2019 Can-Am X3 120hp Models Performance Upgrade Package
2018-2019 Can-Am X3 120hp Models Performance Upgrade Package
2018-2019 Can-Am X3 120hp Models Performance Upgrade Package
2018-2019 Can-Am X3 120hp Models Performance Upgrade Package
2018-2019 Can-Am X3 120hp Models Performance Upgrade Package
2018-2019 Can-Am X3 120hp Models Performance Upgrade Package
2018-2019 Can-Am X3 120hp Models Performance Upgrade Package
2018-2019 Can-Am X3 120hp Models Performance Upgrade Package
2018-2019 Can-Am X3 120hp Models Performance Upgrade Package
2018-2019 Can-Am X3 120hp Models Performance Upgrade Package
2018-2019 Can-Am X3 120hp Models Performance Upgrade Package
Treal Performance

2018-2019 Can-Am X3 120hp Models Performance Upgrade Package

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2018-2019 X3 Turbo 120HP all models (including Standard, Max, XMR, XRC)

Complete Package (exhaust / intake not included)

  • pwrTune ECU Tune

    Select your Tuning Stage

    Reflash or Power Vision

  • Treal Performance Intercooler Kit With Spal 10 Inch High Performance Fan (1115 CFM)

  • Silicon Charge Tube Kit W/ TurboSmart Blow Off Valve with Filter

  • Intercooler Fan Control Wire Harness

  • No clutch Kit, Turbo R Spec Clutch Weights, Or DynoJet Clutch Kit

    Clutch weights or clutch are required upgrade for all IC tunes

  • Fast 24 hour turn around time

    You send yours in we will send it right back the next day, Or purchase with a Power Vision

If you want to keep your stock ECU stock we can program a new one for you, you would still need to send yours in to read



IC (with Intercooler) tuning stages are meant to be ran with the Treal Performance Intercooler Kit or Turbo R intercooler and fan package installed. Very important: starting with these tuning stages clutch modification is required. We have total upgrade packages . By installing the intercooler you are increasing the engine efficiency by reducing the temperature of the air being forced into the motor. This allows boost pressure to be increased safely, and greatly increasing horsepower. To run the intercooler fan you will need a fan switch, the 120hp format tune version does not turn the fan on/off. Adjustment of the wastegate crack pressure is required.

Required Modifications for all IC tuning Stages

  • Treal Performance Intercooler kit or 2018 Turbo R Intercooler Assembly p/n 707800782

  • Charge Tube Intake Plumbing

  • Switch to Control Intercooler Fan

  • Set Wastegate Crack Pressure at 7psi.

  • Clutch Upgraded to Turbo R spec or Better (weights and springs)


  • Stage 1 IC 15.5psi avg. boost - minimum 91 octane Stock Exhaust

    +57.1 HP to the wheels

    From 102.9 stock to 160 Rear Wheel Horsepower

  • Stage 2 IC 15.5psi avg. boost - minimum 91 octane

    +59.9 HP to the wheels

    Requires Exhaust Mod (either cat delete or slip-on muffler)

    162.8 Rear Wheel Horsepower

  • Stage 3 IC 15.5psi avg. boost - minimum 91 octane

    +62.9 HP to the wheels

    Tuned for a Treal Performance Exhaust

    165.8 Rear Wheel Horsepower

  • Stage 3int IC 15.5psi avg. boost - minimum 91 octane

    +67.8 HP to the wheels

    Tuned for a Treal Performance Exhaust and PwrTune Velocity Intake

    170.7 Rear Wheel Horsepower


  • Increased Turbo Boost psi

  • Removed Torque Limiters

  • Removed Speed Limiters (optional)

  • Sport Low (optional)

  • Improved Throttle Response over Stock

  • Performance Spark Timing

  • Optimized Fuel Maps for great power and throttle response

  • Increased RPM limiter

  • Suggested set to 8600rpm

  • Totally optional, your choice stock or higher

  • Lower cooling fan on/off temps (optional)

  • Add the ability to start the engine with no brake in any gear

  • No need for run a piggyback fuel controller

  • Retains ECO mode

  • Ready for your performance clutch tuning

  • Left foot brake enabled

  • Free Warranty/Recall Flashback Protection*

  • Upgrade your tune anytime and just pay the cost difference



  • 10-inch Spal High Performance Fan (rated @ 1115 CFM)

  • Built to withstand 55+psi of Boost!

  • More HP, Maintain Peak HP Longer

  • Bolts in factory location

  • 91% bigger than factory

  • Over 25 degrees cooler charge air temp

  • Works with top factory cover

  • Fully Tig welded Aluminum

  • Hand Fabricated in USA!!

Here at Treal Performance we pride ourselves on providing high quality products that give the highest performance, look the best, and that our customer can be very glad they have on their vehicle. We are happy to say we have been able to that again with our intercooler kit for the X3!!!

We have CAD designed the intercooler to maximize the flow and cooling ability and still be able to bolt in to the factory location and give you the ability to still run the factory top cover as well. Our end tanks and shroud have a sleek design that are CNC cut for a consistence and precise fitment on every intercooler we build, they are TIG welded in house by some of the industry’s best welders!

Treal Performance intercooler has been built to withstand over 55lbs of boost!! No more needing to worry about the tanks coming apart like the factory ones can do! Our intercooler core uses a Bar and Plate construction with a dense louvered fin design on ambient air path and dense offset fins on charge air path for maximum cooling and performance, rated for over 400hp! Our core size is 10.25x12x3.5 inches with 15 rows vs the stock one that is only 10x10x2.25 inches and only 13 rows that’s nearing 91% bigger in cubic volume!!

We have also paired up a powerful 10-inch Spal high performance fan with our intercooler and come standard with our Intercooler for the X3. This fan has a flow rating of 1115 CFM that’s 365 CFM more that the Improved 2018 factory intercooler fan. The two of these together gives a winning combination that will outperform the competition!!

DynoJet Power Vision 3


For 2018 CanAm introduced a lower performance version of the X3 Turbo in several popular models producing 120 advertised horsepower versus the Turbo R models which produce an advertised 172 horsepower. Using the same engine / turbocharger / drivetrain the 120hp models can easily be tuned and modified to make a lot more power, or can be upgraded to the same performance spec as the Turbo R models. There are three distinct sets of tuning for these models depending on which parts are updated to the Turbo R performance spec. Please read below for a description of all levels and stages.

In development for the past two months all of these tuning stages have been tested and ran hard and extensively in the field. We make sure our tuning will have your car running hard at full throttle, but also will be very very driveable and reliable. Fuel is very important regardless of the modifications you make. Even month old ethanol blend pump gas will make noticeably less power and has the possibility of having an engine misfire check engine light code. And regardless of what you read on the internet do not run any leaded fuel in your X3, and there is no need to adjust the spark plug gap from the stock gap adjustment. Old fuel, leaded fuel, gapping the spark plugs down, all can cause a check engine light and poor performance. So run the right fuel and run fresh fuel, and no octane boosters or additives.

Dynojet Power Vision now with PwrTune performance tuning for the CanAm X3 Maverick X3 is a performance tuner and data monitor that offers the latest flash tuning technology, real-time data monitoring, and more. Using the Dynojet Power Vision you can now purchase one or more of our performance tunes for your X3 and have the added benefit of live telemetry, data logging, read and clear trouble codes, and more. Your Power Vision unit will come pre-loaded with the tune(s) of your choice customized with your options.

The Power Vision unit plugs into your vehicles data port, you select your tune and program to your car (takes about 15 minutes). You can put back to stock anytime. Once flashed with a performance tune the screen will show live telemetry: engine temp, boost, throttle position, etc. You can leave the Power Vision plugged in or you can disconnect and leave it in the trailer, your tune will remain in your cars ECU.


If you are unsure of which tune is best for you, or you may like multiple versions of the same tune with different options, you can select how many tunes you would like now and we will contact you via phone or email. Power Vision units are programmed and shipped out within 1-2 business days, sorry same day purchase / programming / shipping service is not available. All CanAm X3 Power Vision units will come with a stock tune loaded so you can put your car back to stock anytime if needed.


You can purchase additional tunes anytime and we can send them to you via email. Additional standard tunes will start at $100 each,, customization and special programming available and could be an additional charge. You can order additional tunes later on from us.

Mail-In Re-flashes


Step 1, select your tuning stage based on the performance modifications you have made for exhaust and intake, and the fuel you intend to run

Step 2, choose the correct model/year where applicable

Step 3, select your options for RPM limit, fan temp, etc.

Step 4, if you are ordering a reflash send your ECU to us:

Treal Performance

5305 NE 121st ave unit 319

Vancouver, Wa 98682

Note: If you are purchasing a new ECU for a CanAm vehicle you will still need to send in your original ECU to us so that it can be read and "cloned" into the new ECU. Please do not send "signature required"

Step 5, once we receive your ECU into the shop we can make the modifications necessary and sent the ECU back out the next business day. Typically same day service is very hard to promise, and there are occasions were we are not at the shop for a day or two (in this case you would be notified after you order whether there is an upcoming day that our shop would be closed).


Do you already have a Power Tune in your X3 and want to move up to a higher power level tuning stage? You never pay the full price for a new tune on the same machine. Upgrade your tuning stage for $100 you can order online here $100 Tune Upgrade. Tune upgrades apply to the original tune purchaser / owner, fuel injectors and / or Power Visions do not apply. Send an email to discuss or ask any questions. The minimum charge for a upgrade or downgrade on your tune is $100.


If you have a problem in the future, clutch blows up, EPS stops working, and you gotta take it in for warranty work. Or a factory recall comes up and you need to take your machine in?? No worries, we've got you covered with Free Warranty/Recall Flashback Protection. What does this mean? Basically if you have an issue and need your stock ECU back to stock we will flash it back to stock for you no charge. How? When you send in your ECU first we will read your stock flash and save the information under your name. If you need it "back to stock" in the future you can send your ECU back, we will put your stock flash right back on your original ECU. If the dealer needs to connect to your ECU it will be yours, and stock, and never looks like it had been touched! Matching serial numbers, matching everything. And, we will even send it back free of charge Priority Shipping within 24 hours of receiving it. After the work is done, send it back to us (again) and free of charge we will flash it back to a pwrTune full performance tune and send it back to you. This does only apply to your first instance (one Recall and/or one Warranty Issue), after one time the fee will be $20 each flash and you'd have to pay for shipping.

DynoJet Clutch Kit

Dynojet Clutch Kits were designed from the ground up. Each kit contains fully adjustable arms with magnetic weights, balanced springs, and a re-designed helix (where applicable). When paired with a Power Vision performance tune, Dynojet’s clutch kits allow for smooth engagement and delivers the power when you need it.

  • All kits are developed on our in-house Dynojet Dyno and field tested to ensure maximum performance in all riding conditions.

  • Engineered to deliver maximum output from Dynojet Power Vision performance tunes

  • Easily adjustable for Sand, Mud, Rock, and Trail applications

  • Increased top speed over stock

  • Efficient power transmission to the wheels

  • Cooler clutch temps yield increased belt life