Packard Performance Billet Differential Pinion Carrier Support W/ E-Brake Delete For Yamaha YXZ

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Anyone who has run their YXZ hard has raced or runs a Turbo Kit on their YXZ should know or will eventually know that the OEM YXZ rear differentials are a weak link.

We have developed a Billet Pinion carrier that will significantly increase the life of your rear differential. It uses the same pinion bearing as we use in our full billet diff and has proven to take the abuse and punishment we want to dish out.


  • It utilizes an entirely new pinion bearing (pre-installed in the billet carrier) that is 100% stronger with more than double the load capacity of the OEM bearing—loaded with the same bearings we use in the billet diffs.
  • It has a stronger and more rigid bearing carrier made out of billet aluminum (much stronger than the OEM cast aluminum carrier and eliminates the OEM o-ring grove, which is prone to failure).
  • E-Brake Delete. This Pinion Carrier does not have a mount for the e-brake; therefore, you will not be able to use your e-brake with this carrier.
  • Includes:
  • CNC Billet aluminum pinion carrier with larger bearing installed
  • OEM Oil Seal
  • 21-page Instruction Manual


You can install it yourself or install it for $79 if you pull out and send us your OEM diff, as it is CRUCIAL that it is appropriately installed along with the gear lash.