2019-2022 Can-Am Ryker M&H RaceMaster Drag Tire 7.5/23.0-15

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M&H RaceMaster Drag Tire 7.5/23.0-15 For Ryker with Ryker 900 Rally Rear 15 inch Wheel

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This is a drag tire for the Can-Am Ryker. This tire is meant for the person who is taking their Ryker to the drag strip and looking for maximum traction. This is one of the tires we use on our Treal Performance Ryker when we go to the drag strip with it. We saw great improvement switching to this tire. We had ran a best of 13.3 seconds in the 1/4 mile with the stock tire and with switching to this tire we dropped down to a 12.9 seconds.

This tire only fits on the 15 inch Rear Ryker Rally Wheel and fits nicely under the factory 900 full fender with no issues at all, along with not throwing any wheel speed sensor codes.