RCR SandCraft Motorsports

      SANDCRAFT Motorsports was founded in 2014 by two off-road enthusiasts in search of a better riding experience. After dealing with numerous stock and OEM part failures, they desired to create products that would truly improve the quality and durability of their ride.

      Applying our cumulative years of experience in the off-road industry, and after countless hours of research and development, the SANDCRAFT Carrier Bearing was born. In 2016, The United States Patent Office recognized the SANDCRAFT Carrier Bearing as the only angle correcting solution for UTV drivelines and issued Patent #: 9,862,269

      Taking what we had learned during the R&D process, we began to apply ourselves to the other issues that had plagued UTV owners for years. As of 2020, SANDCRAFT currently holds (5) United States Patents for high quality products across the UTV Platform. SANDCRAFT is always striving to push the envelope with innovation and manufacturing solutions.

      SANDCRAFT manufactures and assembles all products in Phoenix, AZ, USA. In an industry plagued by failures of cheap parts manufactured overseas, SANDCRAFT prides itself on truly being MADE IN THE USA.


      30 products

      30 products