2017-2024 Can-Am Maverick X3 Trail Side Exit Exhaust System

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Fits The Following Models:

  • Can-Am Maverick X3 2017-2024
  • All models including XDS, XRS, XRC, XMR
  • 2 Seat and 4 Seat


  • Full 3 Inch Turbo Back Exhaust

  • Horsepower Gain up to 10hp & 7hp at Peak Power

  • Over 25lbs lighter than Stock Exhaust System

  • Reduces heat buildup in engine compartment

  • High End Quality

  • Dyno proven performance

  • 2 O2 Sensor Bungs for Option to Run Aftermarket Wideband Gauge

  • Food Grade Stainless Steel

  • 3 Inch V-band Flange Assembly

  • Straight through full flow Large Resonator & Large Muffler

  • 100% TIG Welded

  • Runs cooler than factory exhaust

  • Great Deep Sound and Flow Without Being Obnoxiously Loud

  • Light Weight Design

  • Limited 5-year warranty

  • Made in the USA

  • Comes with all Brackets, Mounts, Hardware, and Instructions Needed for Install.

Treal Performance Quiet Trail Turbo Back Side Exit Exhaust System for the Maverick X3 will give you the best performance without being too loud. This exhaust doesn’t have any of the “drone” noise that other exhausts may have. This exhaust is intended for the people that are looking for a different look than the stock center exit style exhaust. The exhaust also works great for custom cages with a rear mounted spare tire setup or rear radiator as the exhaust sits about 3-4 inches lower than our Sport exhaust or Quiet Trail with the standard stock location exhaust exit. This Side Exit Trail exhaust uses the same muffler and resonator as the standard Quiet Trail exhaust so it will be the same level of sound for doing a lot of trail riding. You would like this exhaust for the performance and sports car sound but don’t want any loud drone and leaving their ears ringing after hours of riding. You can comfortably ride with this exhaust and still talk to your other riders without having issues hearing due to the exhaust. If you would like it to be a little bit louder with more turbo whistle sound and sound more like our popular original Sport exhaust then buying this exhaust without the resonator in the front section of the exhaust is the option for you!

The Treal Performance full 3-inch exhaust system will outperform any other exhaust. It will outperform by a notable margin any other exhaust on the low end to mid-range. It's 3-inch full flow exhaust will let the turbo spool up faster, which will increase low end power and torque! We have seen gains of over 10HP to the wheels down low to mid range and 7HP gain at peak power over stock! No other exhaust will make more bottom end torque and horsepower in a drag race launch or low-end pull. Unlike many other systems that are too loud or sound like a RZR, this one has that sports car sound with the performance growl you are looking for.

Treal Performance exhaust has a killer look to it! Very nice all stainless which exits out the driver side. This system is a top selection on looks, performance, and sound. This exhaust can run the rear plastic cover after some trimming is down to the side where it exits or run without the cover and show off that beautiful exhaust. The level of sound is not loud like you may think a full 3 inch open exhaust system might would be.

Treal Performance has designed all their exhaust to be able to mix and match different front and rear sections. If you buy a Treal Performance exhaust and decide you want a different sound quieter or louder you can contact Treal Performance or one of their vendors to buy add on replacement sections that have or don't have a resonator or muffler.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Curt Burnley
Very Quiet with added performance

I went from a 2.5” full exhaust to the Treal 3” trail full exhaust because my riding group expressed their concerns about how loud my exhaust was. I am very very happy with the quality and fit of this product. It even matched up fine with my big turbo from another SXS company. I installed it myself but an extra hand would of made it easier. And I have only went around the block, but it is incredibly how much of an improvement I got. The instructions are accessible by scanning a QR code and are great if you have an extra hand to help. But if you do it on your own like me. I think I would advise you not to try installing the v clamp at the turbo unit last. Mock it up loosely then connect turbo to head pipe. Then tighten everything up. Quieter in person than sound clip I think with front resonator.

Quality and great sound

I just installed the Side Trail exhaust on my X3. The sound is a nice deep tone and easy on my old ears. 30+% quieter than the removed HMF exhaust. The Treal exhaust is very high quality. I have the EVO 3R tune. I noticed the car took a minute to adjust when I first started it. I had some back firing or low rpm bogging and then after a few minutes the car adjusted and ran normal. I did use some copper anti seize (sensor safe) on the O2 Sensor.
I experienced a problem while mounting the rear muffler due to me keeping the HMF frame support. The front holes fought me a little because the HMF mounts holes need to be ovaled. The V clamps come with normal non locking nuts. I grabbed some Fuji locking nuts to double nut the V clamp.
I would definitely buy this exhaust again and recommend it to someone that wants high quality, dampened sound while keeping the higher flow.