2017-2024 Can-Am X3 Oil Catch Can / Breather System

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  • Large Aluminum Catch Can

  • 3 Stage Internal Baffling System

  • High Quality AN Fittings

  • Oil & E85 compatible Push Lock AN Hose

  • CAD Designed and CNC Cut

  • TIG Welded in House, Made In USA!!

  • 90 Degree Turn Ball Drain Valve

  • Filter with Outerwear


The Treal Performance Oil Catch Can is a great upgrade to keep your Can-Am X3 making good, cleaner, and safer power by keeping crank case vapors and fluids out of your intake system. These fluids and vapors can lower the octane level of the fuel burning in the engine creating higher risk of detonation which is never a good thing. Our catch can system will catch all of those harmful vapors and fluids and separate them from the intake system which will keep it much cleaner and less likely to run in to detonation issues. The catch can system can also let the crank case breath more freely which can increase piston ring sealing and keep the rings from fluttering which can crate more power.

A Catch Can / Breather System is strongly recommend on all force induction engines, especially when increasing boost pressure or running fuel like E85 or Methanol as blow by will increase which will increase the amount of crank case pressure along with create more harmful vapors and fluid. Our Treal Performance Catch Can / Breather System is the solution to keep all of that under control and the engine happy.

Another Benefit to our Treal Performance Catch Can/ Breather System is help keep those vapors and fluids from collecting in the engine oil, extending the life of the oil by it not breaking down faster with collecting fuel and condensation. The Treal Performance catch can/ breather system lets it evaporate out of the crankcase and oil and collect in our large catch can.

We have designed our Treal Performance Catch Can/ Breather System to be mounted up higher with the Breather filter and outerwear up above the rear deck keeping it out on the way from dirt, sand or water that would be flying around from the tires. This design makes it much harder from dirt, mud, sand, or water from reaching the breather filter area keeping the filter cleaner and less likely for outer environment contaminant to enter in to the catch can, which is very important! If you ride in deep mud or water our breather system can easily add a hose to the top of the catch can and move the filter up even higher to the top of the cage. We recommend cleaning the filter and outerwear after each ride.


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